Benefits of Partnership

Partnership with us is a SYNERGY that helps us both achieve more than we can ordinarily. It is a powerful force that joins you and Success Power together to achieve a common goal – To reach the whole world with the undiluted principles of success. It is therefore an opportunity to transform millions of lives as you help them achieve success through our teachings.

Partnership with us is a partnership with God. We can not repay you but God the senior partner will reward you abundantly which is why we will continue to pray for you. We also like to reach out to you in the following ways:

Special Correspondence: You will receive a special partner letter.
Special gifts: You will also receive from time to time special gifts and teaching in the mail or any other means available.
Prayer: When you need someone to agree with you in prayer, our staff stand ready to pray for you. And not only when you call us-we also call you.

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